Wedding | Rachel & Randy


Randy's devotion to Rachel was virtually the first thing that jumped out and captured my heart.  During the planning process, it was Randy who made certain each and every detail was perfect for his princess bride.  This day was so much more the them than a was a marriage of two families; Rachel and her daughter Brooklyn adding Randy and his sweet kiddos, Kate, Luke and Alyssa, to form a sweet little tribe of five.

Rachel's father passed away three years ago. Just months before he passed of pancreatic cancer, Rachel arranged a very special "once in a lifetime" father-daughter dance with him. Rachel had not yet met Randy, she was still a "Rachel looking for her Ross" (as she put in her online dating profile-to which Randy responded, "How about a Chandler"? 😍), but she knew this was a moment she didn't want to miss. The video of the dance has gained national media attention and has been viewed thousands of times---but the one time that meant the very most, was a few weeks ago during what would have been the traditional "daddy/daughter dance" in the timeline. It was unforgettable and an honor to witness such a touching tribute to the man who gave her life, a life which she will now share with Randy. xo


Bride Hair & Makeup: Lea Buehler, BGorgeous


Dedicated to Rachel's grandmother, who passed while on their honeymoon.  This is for you Suzanne...xo