I am so happy you are here!!!  Like, seriously THRILLED!!!  Jumping into the photography world can be so exciting, and at the very same time feel a bit like you are about to embark on a sail around the world, without a captain to guide you.  Knowing how hard it can be to feel lost, and having a desire to serve others, I am happy to provide you content and resources to help lead the way!  Don't see answers to some of the questions you are looking for?  EMAIL ME and it could be the topic of a blog post soon!


One on One Coaching With Jessica

Let's face it...many of us are "under construction" in a lot of ways.  If you'd like further help developing your photography, we can set up a coaching session either in person, Skype, or a good old-fashioned telephone. I charge $150 for a one-hour session and we can cover shooting in manual, composition, finding the right light, just about any topic.  Also during these sessions, I welcome you to email me links to your work and/or website and I'll be happy to provide helpful feedback.