What is your pricing?

I know, it’s weird and uneasy…but budget is super important. All of my collections are completely customizable so YOU are in control of the final price. With that said, my wedding couples spend an average of $4500+ for full wedding day coverage. Weekday elopements of three-ish hours are $2000. For a connection session with your favorite human(s), you are looking at a $750 investment. But with all of this said, don’t be afraid to contact me if you have a lower price point. Exceptions can sometimes be made my love. In order to reserve, a non refundable retainer and a signed contract is required. Travel fees are determined depending upon the location, and are usually less expensive if I can turn it into a family vacation. Please contact me HERE so we can get to know one another better and chat further.


Are we a good fit for one another?

I find I am best suited for clients who trust me. I love, love, looooooove my couples, and find our relationship works best only if they feel the same. I am totally into human connection, and the photographer/client relationship is no exception. I will be sending 10 thousand kiss emoji’s and you can send me the poop ones if you’re freaking out over the wedding planning process. I am here for you. My people aren’t afraid to walk uphill, lay on the ground, stand on a stump, get dirt on their hemline, or laugh at themselves (and me) a bit. My couples are lifers, them with me and me with them! If this sounds like the kind of thing you’re down for, then HECK YES we’re a good fit! 

We are super awkward & Uncomfortable in front of the camera, will you give us direction?

Oh sweetheart, we are all total weirdos—so I will without a doubt, hands down, unequivocally give you direction…and then I won’t. Now, wait, hear me out, there is a method to my madness. The best advice I can give any client is to take your expectations and throw them out the window (except the part where you get bad ass images). Abandon that Pinterest board, and the endless worry over getting "this" specific pose. Instead, go into your session flexible and prepared to capture real life in that moment. Sometimes that means smoldering sex appeal, and others that means lots of fun, piggy back rides and laughing (and if we’re really lucky, BOTH!)

I know it can feel incredibly vulnerable standing in front of a lens, not sure if you're giving your best "sex kitten" or "creepy stalker" smile--and trust me it can be a fine line (I literally always give full blown Joker laughter face, it isn’t cute, but it’s mine), but it is moments like this that make the sessions that much more fun--cause we all laugh! I will give you lots ideas and even demonstrate some poses with my assistant if needed (you should book with us just to see that)...but then we will typically allow you to move in a way that feels natural to make it your very own. And that my friends, is when the photography magic happens!

HOW long is the shoot and where will we shooting?

I never want to set a time limit for sessions, but generally speaking I have a pretty well worked through formula that has engagement/portrait sessions done in about 2ish hours. We will ALWAYS starts approximately 2.5 hours prior to sunset for the best light and I will ALWAYS be the one the chooses the location based on the feel you guys are going for.


Do you edit all of your photos...and will you "photoshop" that?

All of your images will be hand edited (including white balance, color, contrast, and cropping) one at a time by me. In addition to your regularly edited images, you will also receive a nice selection of premium retouched images, chosen at my sole discretion, to receive extra special attention. If you would like to have additional retouching work performed, that can be arranged for a fee on a picture by picture basis--but honestly 99.99999% of the time our clients are just over the moon with their original edits that this step isn't even requested.


What Should we wear?

Never fear!  We are here! All of our clients will receive an emailed style guide that has been designed to assist you in looking and feeling your absolute best during your session—but if all else fails, I want you to shove all the things that you love and make you feel like a god or goddess into a suitcase and bring it with you. I will help you pick a few looks based on your personalities, the vibe I have envisioned of your shoot, and the weather.

Why is wedding photography so expensive?

Oh my beloved darling, if you only knew the hours behind the scenes that I spend on each wedding you would understand. In addition to the 8-10 hours I spend by your side (laughing, crying, dress bustling, family member wrangling and boutonnière pinning), there are countless unseen hours before the nuptials and while you are enjoying the first weeks of wedded bliss that I am working away. Between the FaceTimes, emails, timeline prep, shot list organization, location scouting, questionnaire reviewing and coordinator communicating, that happens before you even get married—-and then the travel, file back up, culling, editing, gallery uploading, album designing, sneak peek delivering, and blogging that happens after,I am easily at 4x the wedding day work hours. Add to that the gear, the insurance, the taxes, and well, you get the idea….I am actually quite reasonably priced, and I do what I do with my whole heart just for you my love.

What kind of gear do you shoot with?

I shoot with premium, professional grade Nikon gear. It’s expensive. It’s rad. And I always shoot with backups for my backups. For a detailed list of what is in my gear bag, please visit that detailed blog post HERE.