What is your pricing?

Wedding coverage with Jessica begins at $3000. All of our collections are completely customizable so YOU are in control of the items you want o include (or not include) in your wedding photography collection. Please contact us HERE for a detailed list of our pricing.


Are we a good fit for one another?

We find we are best suited for clients who trust us to document their living legacy and in turn, they’re best suited for us.  Their vibrancy, joy, love and laughter become our muse, and they in turn become our dear friends. They prioritize the real over the re-created, and the fleeting moments over the fluff (which is still very well documented too lol).  They believe in the power a single image can have in whisking them right back to a moment in time and they value photography as an investment, not just monetarily, but with their heart.

We are drawn to lovers in love, families who are in the thick of parenting, carpooling, and everyday living, and to everyone else who has a story we're able to help them tell.  Our clients aren’t afraid of a little dirt on their hemlines if it means capturing some incredible shots.  And most of all, our clients are lifers……with one other and with us. If this sounds like something you’re up for, then HECK YES we are a good fit! 


How would you describe your style?

Our style is best summed up as authentic, sincere, and vibrant. We edit in a way that is timeless (not trendy), so that in 50 years, your images will remind you of exactly what you saw that day--the colors, the lighting, skin tones, and of course the people. We can not emphasize enough how much we aim to capture you just as you are. Nothing makes our hearts sing more than capturing the sweet bond between mother and child or the romance between a man and his bride. To maximize these moments, we use very strategic methods to evoke the real, the candid, and the unposed.


We are super awkward & Uncomfortable in front of the camera, will you give us direction?

Without a doubt, hands down, unequivocally yes---and no. Now, wait, hear me out.  The best advice we can give any client about their expectations for their session is to throw it out the window.  Abandon that Pinterest board, and the endless worry over getting "this" specific pose, or "that" specific angle. Instead, go into your session flexible and prepared to capture real life in that moment. Sometimes that unfolds into perfectly smiling kiddikens and other times it is about documenting toddler melt downs--which are still pretty darn adorable and real!

Being a model ain't easy...but being in your lover's arms is right?  Tilting your head at weird, stiff angles doesn't feel right...but playing with your sweet kiddos is right? You guys, photography is 100% about chemistry and if you and your beloved(s) have just a smidge (which I know you do) then we will draw it out!

We know it can feel incredibly vulnerable standing in front of a lens, not sure if you're giving your best "sex kitten" or "creepy stalker" smile--and trust us it can be a fine line, but it is moments like this that make the sessions that much more fun--cause we all laugh!  If you don't take yourself too seriously, and aren't afraid of copious amounts of kissing with your honey love muffin--then we promise, your session will produce incredible images! We will of course give you lots ideas and even demonstrate some poses (which is hilarious, especially when my assistant has to act like the "bride" and me the "groom"--you should book with us just to see that lol)...but then we will typically allow you to move in a way that feels natural to make it your very own.  And that my friends, is when the photography magic happens!


Do you edit all of your photos...and will you "photoshop" that?

All of your images will be hand edited (including white balance, color, contrast, and cropping) one at a time by us. In addition to your regularly edited images, you will also receive a nice selection of premium retouched images, chosen at our discretion, to receive extra special attention. If you would like to have additional retouching work performed, that can be arranged for a fee on a picture by picture basis--but honestly 99.9% of the time our clients are just over the moon with their original edits that this step isn't even requested.


What Should we wear?

Never fear!  We are here!  All of our clients will receive a beautiful style guide that has been designed to assist you in looking and feeling your absolute best during your session!


What kind of gear do you shoot with?

We shoot with premium, professional grade Nikon gear.  For a detailed list of what is in Jessica's gear bag, please visit that detailed blog post HERE.