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Above all else, I am a follower of Christ.  He and I have quite the history and if you are ever interested, I would love to share more.

Next, I am a wife, devoted to a man who is even more devoted to me---and who will most assuredly wrinkle my face with laugh lines (and maybe a few frustration lines) throughout our lives.  I am a mother to two children who are my heart and it's beat---and man oh man, God sure did hit it out of the park when he created them.  They're INCREDIBLE.

Third, I am a marriage enthusiast.  I find this union to be the most magical out of any other relationships.  With children, they are a creation of you, so to love them unconditionally comes naturally...but to love another person, who comes complete with their own story, faults, ideologies, passions and idiosyncrasies, in a way that is pure, unselfish, and totally selfless is, quite honestly, a miracle.  I am enamored with this bond and documenting a couple's first day as man and wife is truly a gift to my soul!

I am a little terrified of colors that fall outside of the black, white, grey, "griege" combo, however I have added a pop of navy blue to my home that's a step. ha.   I am taco lover, a believer in a good chardonnay, lots of squats (lots and lots and lots in fact), that people are more important than things, and that it is my duty as a photographer to not only capture fleeting moments, but to actually help create authentic connection, laughter and deeper love.

Whoever you are, wherever you're from, I am truly honored that you are here. xo

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