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Jessica // Owner & Lead Photographer

I am a wife, devoted to a husband who will most assuredly wrinkle my face with laugh lines over the next 50 years. I am a mother to two biological littles (who are not so little anymore) and a fost/adopt mama to a sweet toddler. I am a woman who dreams of leaving this world more in enamored with Christ than when I found it; I mean gosh, that would just be the bee kness! I love tacos, girls nights in, and I believe even the smallest celebration is reason enough to pop open a bottle of bubbly! Am I right?!?

I am often asked, "how did you get into photography?'.  Well, long story short, I am enchanted with the relationship of marriage. I find this union to be the most mysterious and magical out of any other relationships. To love another person, who comes complete with their own story, faults, ideologies, passions and idiosyncrasies, in a way that is pure and totally selfless is, quite honestly, a miracle. I am bewitched with this bond and documenting a couple's first day as man and wife is an honor beyond measure.

In the 6 years since founding Jessica Roman Photography, I have discovered clients quickly become friends, and those friends feel like a beautiful extension of my family. Having the opportunity to serve them by not only capturing the fleeting moments, but also in creating lifelong memories, authentic connection, and deeper love is a gift to my soul. Laughing alongside them as we do all of this is also an amazing job perk! 

LOVES // sarcasm, wine, fitness and guac at no extra charge (except it's always 25 cents more), rain, organization and a house that smells like Anthropology candles.

DISLIKES // butter that is too cold to spread, the little red number above my email icon on my home screen, weather over 80 degrees (give me cool, coastal temps!)

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